Marie Laveau Organic Skincare is a pure and natural skincare range, with minimal environmental impact. They are fair trade and sustainably sourced.

Marie Laveau Organic Skin Care uses only pure, unadulterated essential plant oils and natural bases. No use is made of synthetic or artificially fragrant oils in the synergistic blends. None of our products are tested on animals.

We are a mother and daughter collaboration, who both feel passionately about the use of natural skincare. Qualified in Naturopathy and Aromatherapy, as well as having a background in Biochemistry and microbiology.

Susan and Bree Lavell

Taking responsibility for one’s health is fundamental; with the right measures implemented the body will be able to heal itself. Therefore we truly believe in the ‘prevention is better than a cure’ policy. Drawing on Ayurvedic principles, this advocates the use of natural skincare, with no harsh chemicals and byproducts.

Combining Susan’s expertise on Aromatherapy and Biochemic medicine and Bree’s on Naturopathy and herbal medicine, we have come up with a beautiful range of skincare combining the two along with nutritional vitamins and minerals, tissues salts, Australian bush flower essences and super foods from the earth nature intended for us to celebrate.
The finest ingredients are sourced from wild crafted, Organic and Selected farming regions.
The Oshadhi range are the first choice of essential oils mainly used in  Marie Laveau skin care products. They are certified organic by Ecocert under European standards. With the Oshadhi oils being one of the largest range of organically certified essential oils in the world, they are of the highest standard with excellent quality control.
Marie Laveau Organic Skin Care uses over 300 different oils in a range of more than 80 products.  We have selected our top 16 to present to you today. (see Oshadhi section for more information on these outstanding essential oils).
The essential oils chosen are carried in the purest base oils as well as natural cream bases. Our base oils include Argan, Rosehip, Avocado, Centella, the famous Boabab oil as well as many more…….
All products made by Marie Laveau Organic Skin Care are hand blended by Susan and Bree.

Marie Laveau Organic Skincare offers one of the most holistic ranges of natural skincare available in the market today.