Marie Laveau Organic Skin Care uses the the highest quality pure, botanical, wildcrafted or organic ingredients to create a range for both beauty and therapeutic products for various ailments that are luxurious and smell amazing!


All of our products are free from parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, benzyl alcohol, artificial fragrances, EDTAs, silicons, aluminum, synthetic dyes, petrolatum, mineral oil and Triclosan.


Marie Laveau Organic Skin Care uses as many local and native Australian botanicals as well as Oshadhi essential oils which have been either organically grown or wild crafted. Grown in their natural environment, these ingredients are unique in their abundance of potency and antioxidants. They are always sustainably and ethically sourced.


Every ingredient in our products have been chosen through years of experience and laboratory testing. With a background of microbiology, naturopathy and clinical aromatherapy we are very passionate about therapeutic dosage and using evidence-based botanicals that work best with your skin to bring it naturally to its full potential.  Only the finest botanicals brimming with restorative and regenerative properties are chosen to help nourish your skin, body and mind.


Therapeutic health is luxurious. The olfactory experience is magnificent and is such a vital component of aromatherapy. The scent, feel and inherent energy of our products is carefully formulated to ensure your beauty experience is always a decadent feast for the senses.


All of our botanicals and ingredients used are sustainably and ethically derived. We are very passionate about this and after visiting the founder of Oshadhi essential oils in Germany we were relieved to see that Malte (Oshadhi founder) shares the same principles as us. If they have had a small yield or the quality isn’t up to the utmost standard the plants are not picked for harvest and distillation. They support small farmers and only import essential oils from their native environment. We use other local natives to support indigenous plants and encourage use of our unique Australian plants. They are never tested on animals.